8 Tips to Begin With SEO in 2017

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Big changes were announced recently in Google algorithm. Best practices and key points discussed in 2016 may not be up to date anymore. The rules we know today can change next month and keep SEO specialists with eyes wide open to new updates.

In 2016 the main focus was creating content and making sure that it was unconditionally relevant. What are the trends that are about to bring conversions nowadays, and what shifts SEO specialists have to implement to stay ahead of the curve? Viktor from WebCreate.Me WordPress blog shared with us tips on how to succeed with SEO in 2017.

Enter Viktor.

Show Google You’re Trustworthy

Every website owner knows what amount of hard work is behind the success of a SEO campaign. It’s a slow process and the results don’t come overnight.

The first page of Google’s SERP algorithm displays only relevant content, so you have to make Google trust you in order to prove you’re worth to rank on such a huge search engine. 

Despite the changes that are regularly made in Google algorithms there 3 timeless components you should keep an eye on: age of indexed website and content, authority gained by backlinks to your website and relevant unique content.

These three elements are essential and also the answer to the concerns of many website owners who have just launched a website and are surprised with how low they are ranking.

And, of course, the best way how to keep up with new trends is to be aware of SEO development and adjust the SEO strategy. We picked a few interesting trends that may be worth to implement in order to be one step ahead in your efforts.

1. Personal Branding as a core of SEO

Many experts advocate for personal branding as a key element of SEO. It’s easier to build trust and subsequently grow an audience. Make sure to implement this point into your strategy. In 2017 predictions say more companies will take advantage of personal branding which will, of course, lead to more competition on the market.

2. UX goes hand in hand with SEO

Customer expectations are changing over the years. Fast loading speed and easy navigation are essential without any doubt. If there’s an issue in the overall user experience the bounce rate would mount up and indicate the need for improvements.

One aspect to tackle immediately in that sense is load speed, since it’s easily fixable, and something every visitor to your website will appreciate.

3. AMP and mobile user experience

It’s a fact that mobile web usage has already overtaken desktop which has caused new challenges for business owners. This trend resulted in the launch of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project into the mainstream.

Google has also released a new mobile-friendly update and clearly this trend will only increase. It’s not enough anymore to have a responsive website. The usage of mobile devices have upgraded the browsing experience to a whole different user experience in which mobile devices should provide convenient and intuitive interactions.

4. High demand for quality visual content

The demand for video content will be even bigger in 2017. After the Snapchat revolution in vanishing content and Facebook’s live video exponential growth, users are craving more visual content in better quality, providing more information and entertainment.

5. Compelling outstanding content

Content marketing is the field where size really matters. Competition in content is really heavy and readers are picky when it comes to quality. In 2017 will be crucial to concentrate on each piece of content and rather than fake quantity content, produce long-form, detailed content with smart keyword density that will differentiate you from the market.

6. Rich snippets in SERP

The number of rich snippets showing up in Google searches has doubled in past years but even though not many businesses have gotten there yet. Google generates the results by specific data markup. Rich snippets are becoming more frequent in SERP. In 2017 implement structured data markup to increase the chance of website appearing as a rich search answer.

7. Artificial intelligence

Search engines are constantly evolving. Google’s RankBrain is the new artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm coming up as a result of evolution and changing the way SEO works. This AI is able to identify link schemes and makes it easier to penalize the websites that try to game search engines.

8. Cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing means an integrated promotion of your brand through different channels.  You can reach your audience on mobile apps, and also through ads on social media. It is proven that cross-channel marketing can raise conversion rates. And in 2017 quality cross-channel marketing will be a demanded tool on building a consistent brand presence in search engines.

It seems to be a big year for SEO and marketers should be ready to face upcoming changes and challenges. What are the trends you are specifically focused on right now?

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