Importing a Ready Made Site

How to install a RMS and have a site working in literally minutes.

Some themes come with many demo content mini sites ready to be imported into your WordPress install. That means you can create a fully working site in minutes. Once you install a RMS you will need to replace the imported content for your own, and that includes the images too (original images on the RMS do not get imported).

To install a RMS:

    1. Navigate to Theme Options » General tab
    2. Locate the Options & Content area
    3. Click on “Open Demo Content Importer
    4. Browse through the available demo packs and click on “Install this Pack” when you’ve found the one you want
    5. Wait for the process to complete

Remember this will override your current theme options with the ones on the selected Demo Pack. This will not override your WordPress content in any way. Your posts and pages will remain just the same with the addition of the newly imported ones.