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Our Theme Shop

In an era of mass produced WordPress themes we built a small and cozy theme shop with people you can actually talk to.

Since 2011 we’ve been creating themes that will actually work with you to give you the results you were looking for while making your work enjoyable. As it should always be.

We handcraft every theme with an artisan's consciousness. The sharpened tools carefully set up on the table at the beginning of each day, ready to work the little details. Every effort put on the service of your site's goal.

We wish our themes were a physical good to show you how we'd handle its packaging. How every fold would perfectly fit the content. The fine touch of kraft brown paper, the smell of a new fine product that has been well taken care of.

You commit to your projects to make inspiring work for your customers. We commit to match your dedication by delivering a top quality item, that will make your work stand out.

We invite you to browse our collection. We think you may find yourself enjoying it just as if you just entered a warm small bookshop in a beautiful neighborhood. C'mon in.

Who is behind

Artisan Themes

Mai Knoblovits

Mai started working on web design when she was a toddler on high school, creating web templates on HTML. Fortunately, she discovered WordPress a long time ago and is now our chief designer and frontender here at Artisan Themes.

She holds a degree on Social Communication, is on her way to be a theater dancer and has given talks on web communication, usability, visual strategy and client works on WordPress Argentina’s WordCamp and monthly meetups.

She’s available to say ‘hi’ on Twitter at @mailenk.


Javier Schvindlerman

Javier has been working with WordPress since 2008. Crafter of all kinds of things in our studio, from development to support, to planning, to marketing. He’s also a Stage Manager and a musician. And absolutely loves to have broccoli with his coffee at breakfast.

For the last few years has been an active co-organizer of the WordPress Argentina community, developing our monthly WordPress meetups and yearly WordCamps.

You can find him on Twitter at @javistuff.