Our Themes

Build your site like an artisan: stack modules one on top of the other and customize them to match your voice, your brand and your taste.

  • Pepper+

    The spicy one

    If falling in love with a theme is humanly possible, then this is the theme to fall for. Exquisite design, unconventional grids, exceptional portfolio layouts, beautiful modules, many header layouts and what not. A spicy with a dash of elegant WordPress theme.

  • Indigo

    The modern one

    The amount of energy on Indigo is ready to give your website the dynamic vibe you’re looking for. This is the theme you’ll use to get your design to the bright, fresh zone. With modern -even futuristic- touches, Indigo will make sure your identity jumps off the screen.

  • Modules

    The sophisticated one

    Modules is our delicate one. It sits at the fancy -slash- modern chair, so it can easily accommodate sites that are elegant, yet stylish. Urban, yet formal. And it does it all without changing costumes. If you’re looking for chic design that can be worn even without a tuxedo, this is the one.

  • Binder PRO

    The journalist one

    Binder PRO is a smart publishing WordPress theme designed to let you build beautiful magazines, blogs and editorial sites. Take advantage of our modular building system to put your content in the center of the scene. Beautifully, and effortless.

  • Nayma

    The bold one

    Nayma is the theme that will make sure your content gets out there. It’s as bold as they come, with strong design choices that will make friends wherever you take it. This theme will give you the casual vibe you want your website to have. And it’ll do it in the most natural way.


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What if the site you need to build was just one click away?

Meet Artisan Sites. A catalog of ready-made sites based on our themes and created to fulfill a specific purpose: an agency site, a blog, a shop.

Once you get your theme, install the ready-made site with just one click right from your WP dashboard and get a full website working in minutes.

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