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Janeen Alley

Indigo User

“I really can't believe I built my own website! For 4 years, I hired out my website to other companies, but I always got frustrated with getting things just right and paying someone to make the slightest changes. It felt like such a hassle to write an email and do the back and forth with someone else when I felt it would be so much easier to just do it myself. I didn't think I was tech-savvy enough to build a website, but it got to the point where I wanted to give it a try.

I found Artisan Themes and their demos were beautiful. After watching a short video showing how easy it was to set up the modules and build a page, I decided to go for it. I built my site in 3 WEEKS! (not full-time either, so it could be done even faster!) When I bought the theme, I didn't even realize it came with amazing customer support. Not only do you get super valuable information just from being on their email list, but I also showed up for the webinar and jumped in the forum with all my questions. They were very nice and got right back to me. This was the best decision to take charge of my own website and do it through Artisan Themes. Thanks for everything!”

“I just absolutely love Artisan Themes. I initially chose them simply because of how beautiful and dynamic the themes were. Artisan Themes truly convey a crafted artistry that I have not seen anywhere else.

I am currently using 3 different Artisan Themes across three websites. I have expanded because the level and quality of the technical support is so fabulous and encouraging that I felt confident to do a 2nd website and then a 3rd website.

Truly satisfied! Thank you Mai and Javier!”

Yves Kimenyi

PRO Member

Javier Espila

Modules User

“I decided to use Artisan Themes’ Modules theme for WordPress because of its versatility and because I didn’t wanted to depend on some third party to manage my website. To be on hold for two days waiting for someone to fix a typo or add a new illustration could be maddening.

The building process was extremely rewarding. As I moved forward structuring my content the theme always offered every solution I needed at each moment, and even more.

To be able to create modules and re-order them to build sections, activate or de-activate them, and even re-utilize them on different pages without having to manually add all the same content twice has allowed me to craft my own website in such a short time I could have never achieved anyway else.”

“Thank you so much, Mai. From tiny, nerdy details, I'm getting to know your Pepper+ theme and your core desing-thinking better, and I realize, how detailed it is in itself: how it makes it an ease to the viewer to "flow" and gently engage the eyes through the page to the end. THANK YOU. For the last 3 years, I've worked with many website systems and themes like Flothemes, Thrivethemes etc. but your pre-made design and module system is really unique. I am not a designer. A designer knows the result behind the eyes before acting on it. Me – I have to do it opposite. I work, hours and hours, THEN I see the result – which easily could end up in a re-do. That is why I want to thank you and Javier for your work. I am so happy, I found you!”

Jette Mortensen

Pepper+ User

“Beautiful, functional, with incredible readability. One of the best themes I've used. Nearly perfect. Superb.”

Giovanni Ronci

Indigo User

Andrea Dubravsky

PRO Member

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say Thank you. It was a challenging project with a lot of changes and I honestly don’t know what I would do if I used a theme from another provider. The Pepper theme is so beautiful and flexible, and your customer support is so fast and reliable that we were able to tweak the website to the client’s liking. The client loves the new site, loved how flexible and accommodating we were. You make us look great! Thank you.”

“One of the best themes I have had the pleasure to use in quite a long time (and one of the few that really is a pleasure to use)! Well thought out, beautifully coded, great support, overall an excellent experience. Many thanks!”

Frank Melocco

Nayma User

Eugenia Wan

Binder PRO User

“These are very flexible themes for non-developers. I bought multiple licenses of Binder Pro for my sites as they are like LEGOS, with many different useful building blocks to build a page. The theme is constantly updated to align with WordPress latest guidelines, which made my life very easy.”

“I've purchased multiple themes from Artisan Themes now and it has always been an amazing experience working with them. Their themes are well design and don't slow down even small shared hosting packages, which is not something I can say for a few other popular themes I've tried.

Their design framework makes building your own site from scratch a breeze, but you might not even need to with how many awesome demo sites they include.

Lastly and the thing I like the most, is their support. Whenever I have a question about how to customize something with their themes - their team is always there with a fast and friendly hand. I had such an awesome experience with their support after my first purchase and that's the main reason I chose to buy from them again.

Keep up the awesome designs, user friendly experience and amazing support!”

Phil Thompson

Indigo & Modules User

“Thank you so much for this. By far, the best customer support of anything I've ever purchased.”

Billy Newton

Indigo User

Jeanette Burkle

Pepper+ & Indigo User

“Thank you for all the excellent information that you gave me—you covered so many things with me and it was all so VERY helpful!!! In addition, I'm so happy with my decision to sign up for the Deluxe Package. It was absolutely worth the value and I would highly recommend it for anyone that is new to the process of WordPress and web design. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this process - haha! You and Mai rock!!!

As a side, I love your product! Your theme designs and aesthetics are fabulous—you've created something that can really show off a company's products or services in a beautiful way. So, thank you!”

“Pepper+ is a beautiful theme to build outstanding webpages! Beautifully designed, clean coded & super-fast. Furthermore the theme comes with a friendly support that goes above and beyond to help in achieving the desired result. This is what I would call world-class support! All in all the best decision we have taken in bringing our website online.”

Clemens Bechter

Pepper+ User
  • “Thanks again for the incredible support. It really adds tremendous value to your already fantastic product!”

    Navini Coakley

    Artisan Themes User
  • “Just WOW! I tried few designs in the past, but none of them can compete with Binder PRO so far. It's simple, download, install, explore.”

    Daniel Kocian

    Artisan Themes User
  • “Thanks so much! The design has inspired me greatly and I feel empowered! Now I don't have to rely on overpriced developers”


    Artisan Themes User
  • “Thank you immensely! I now have bought my second Nayma theme for a new customer, among other things, thanks to your great support! Happy!”

    Mette Lindblad

    Artisan Themes User
  • “This is the One Theme to Rule Them All! So flexible, so easy to customize and still so reliable and fast - and packed with all the modern bells and whistles! Great job guys, great job!”


    Artisan Themes User
  • “Awesome theme. Awesome support. Awesome people :) Loving It.”

    Sonali Kamobj

    Artisan Themes User

“I am blown away by the quality of work done in this theme, sites, pages - It's so well thought out and there are so many options to choose from! I can't imagine the amount of effort and time that went into creating this product. It's very very impressive. Thank you! I will admit, this theme has brought the fun back again!”


Indigo User

Stefano Oosthof

Nayma User

“I bought this template and am really happy with its look and feel and usability... but what really makes the difference is the support you get from the people behind this template, especially a girl called Mai.

Since I wanted to customize the template to the max, I had a lot (maybe too many) questions. Mai had the patience to help me out with every single request. The end result looks perfect and I could not have done it without here. Mai for President!”

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