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As a PRO Member, you get all this plus:

Artisan Pages PRO Cloud

As a PRO member you can export your own page templates and upload them to the artisan cloud so those pages become instantly available on any of the sites you're working on.

If you spent hours crafting a particular page and you know you'll use it again on another project, just save and export the template. That's it, you just saved yourself extra hours of work.

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PRO Artisans Directory

If you do client work, grab a spot on our PRO Artisans Directory and showcase your skills.

Whether it is design, development, marketing or copywriting, get exposure and put your work in front of other users.

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WordPress Video Tutorials for Your Clients

You know WordPress is the easiest way to manage a website. Your clients might not. Yet.

Improve your clients onboarding process to WordPress by giving them access to our collection of WordPress Getting Started videos.

Add clients to a custom branded dashboard in our site and lighten your teaching work while facilitating their learning journey. You’ll be helping them big time!

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Join our online community of WordPress Artisans on Slack, where we all hang out and where you can meet like-minded people to grow with.

+ PRO Slack Channels

Participate in features discussions when there's that thing missing that you need to complete your project.

Become a PRO Member and Get an Exclusive Invite Artisan Themes customers only

Easy Updates for All Your Sites Manage all the domains for your sites in one simple dashboard to keep all your themes updated across your (or your clients') web properties.

Understandable Option Panels WordPress native looking option panels. Powerful to you. Easy to your clients.

Our Support Rocks!

We understand how central support is for your work. Heck, we’ve all waited for weeks to hear back from a support representative only to discover our question wasn’t even understood.

We truly care for your business. Our team replies up to 24hs after a question has been posted during normal office days. And usually much faster.

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