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Online work can feel lonely sometimes.

Sitting by yourself in front on your laptop not having a coworker to ask a question you’re stuck with or to high-five you on your progress is tough.

Heck, who doesn’t have the need to share the occasional funny gif with someone.

Enter WP Artisans.

WP Artisans is our Slack community. Our office hours water-cooler. A group of folks who like to hang out online while working. To share the things that make us grow on our fields, whether it is freelancing, design, development, marketing, blogging, branding and whatnot.

WP Artisans

A wonderful place for you to ask questions. To celebrate your successes. And to share the day with people like you.

And no matter what your level of expertise is… because we all started somewhere.

Be part of a thriving online community who wants to do great web work by caring. Caring for the projects we get on, caring for the clients we do work for, caring for the businesses we build and the customers we serve.

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What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging app for teams. Is the chat app for the 21th century, and the one we and lots of WordPress communities and businesses choose to make communications more effective and fun. Also, it’s light, fast and works on every device. You’ll love it!

What Our Slack Community is Not?

Is not a replacement for our support forum.

We’ll keep the support requests on our forum as always. If you have questions regarding the normal use of our themes, or have found a bug while using them, please refer to our forum for us to assist you there.

Now, for all the other stuff, you can post a question and wait for some more experienced member to help you out with it. Do it friendly and if you are stuck with some complicated stuff try to give as more details as possible to invite others to help you.

Always keep in mind that everyone is also working on their own stuff and they will chime in with a friendly hand when they have the time for it.

This is a community, after all and to begin with, so the love will always go both ways. Help others grow and expect some magical love from the other side of the screen for sure.