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Modular WordPress themes that let you focus on crafting a perfect web experience like an artisan.

  • Pepper+

    The spicy one

    If falling in love with a theme is humanly possible, then this is the theme to fall for. Exquisite design, unconventional grids, exceptional portfolio layouts, beautiful modules, many header layouts and what not. A spicy with a dash of elegant WordPress theme.

  • Indigo

    The modernist one

    Indigo is more than a WordPress theme. Is a website building toolkit inside a theme! A multi-purpose WordPress theme that lets you build an infinite amount of pages without the need of a page builder plugin. Indigo is built upon 24 functional modules you can create with, customize and accommodate to suit your project’s needs.

  • Modules

    The sophisticated one

    Meet MODULES. One of our most beautiful and intuitive WordPress themes. Designed with passion, coded with expertise, and brought to you so you can build amazing and custom sites with just one theme. And in less time.

  • Binder PRO

    The journalist one

    Binder PRO is a smart publishing WordPress theme designed to let you build beautiful magazines, blogs and even corporate sites that capture visitors. Make your job easier and accelerate your building process while creating awesome sites.

  • Nayma

    The bold one

    NAYMA is a stylish, multi-purpose and responsive WordPress theme suited for many, many different types of websites. Project showcasing, Shopping sites, Business websites, you name it. With lots of options, an extremely flexible framework and still highly intuitive.

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