And then Binder PRO joined the family


Almost end of 2014. A lot of great things happened this year in Quadro Ideas’ nation; starting with the big launch of your loved Nayma theme, and passing through really comprehensive conversations in the support space were we’ve enjoyed sharing questions and useful information with people, real and nice people, working in their projects all around the world.

Quadro Ideas is growing up day by day and not just quantitatively but deeply qualitatively.

We spend most of our work hours listening to our members’ needs and trying to think and make things happen for you, so your work can be easier, more enjoyable and more productive at every step of the experience. When installing one of our themes, when configuring its options, when creating your site, when asking for support or contacting us for any quick tip you may need.

With that spirit, we opened this week a whole new section in our site dedicated to be the best companion when creating with WordPress: the Learning Center. I’m sure you’ve already read about that, so I’m not going to say much more about it, just that I love it 🙂 and I really hope you’ll enjoy it too. We’ll continue adding more and more videos, about WordPress in general and about the themes. So keep tuned!

Now, we really thought that was not enough to close this year, we really needed one more thing to complete the picture. And that’s when Binder PRO arrived: our fresh from the oven premium theme. If you are looking to build a publishing focused website that can take your content to a complete new level, you really need to try Binder PRO.

What do we mean by “a publishing theme”?

Binder PRO is a smart WordPress theme designed to let you build beautiful magazines, blogs and even corporate sites, by creating and combining all kind of section modules in every page you want. The focus is in your content. All the posts you have in your dashboard can feed the different modules according to what do you decide to feature or how do you want those specific posts or content types to look like.

Your content can take the appearance of a tiled display, a masonry blog, a big slider, a carousel, a video slider, a classic blog, a magazine layout, and so on. You following me? That means you can create and recreate your pages according to your content needs.

But that’s just the beginning of what Binder PRO can do for you. Why don’t you take a look by yourself? Here’s the demo site, and here you’ll find all the details about the theme.

Guess what? We didn’t finish yet, not till you know one more thing. The last great news about Binder PRO is that it’ll have a lite sibling version called Binder that you’ll be able to download for free. It’ll be out soon, don’t miss it!

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