From the makers of Minuscula Theme… hot news!


It’s been a while since we don’t get in touch and, as things are moving ’round here, we wanted to write a quick update. It’ll be short and sweet, we promise.

First, we wanted to thank the users of Minuscula Theme. There is a big group of people who helped the theme grow to became what it is today and we value that.

The exciting news is that we released our new baby theme this week, and man, it is cool! NAYMA is a very powerful and carefully crafted WordPress theme, which lets you do practically anything. It was designed to make your work easier than ever, and we think it does it.

If you liked Minuscula, you’re gonna love NAYMA! Give it a try »

That’s it. We hope you are enjoying our themes, and wish you the best of the years for this 2014 to come!

Quadro Ideas Team

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