Most useful topics on Nayma’s Forum


It’s a know fact that we all, as web designers, love to build sites that look unique and help us make the right impression on our clients.

Nayma is full of those little details that can make your site the site you were planning to have by letting you customise it. From the layout and style options to the modules builder page template… just free your creativity and you’ll see your imagination is the limit.

Indeed, when looking at the support requests from our users we noticed most of them are asking how to customise Nayma even more or what’s the tweak for some elements to work in a personalised way.

For those who are looking to get the most out of Nayma here are far away the top useful topics in our forum that you can learn from:

1. How to insert a background image inside the site header

2. On translating your contents/strings for different languages sites

3. Setup a custom sidebar just for one page

4. Making the logo bigger

5. Team module: open links in a new window

6. Using a custom font cross browser (dealing with Firefox)

7. Wondering which are the ideal sizes for the photos you upload?

We hope these threads are helpful for you as they were for other users!

And you’re all invited to share with the community what’s your own list of those topics that were really helpful in your process of working with Nayma.

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