New site and some exciting news


After a few months of hard but fun work, we’re very happy to launch today our new site. And with it a lot of great features for our users.

So what’s new?

1. New user profile

You’ll notice we have a new login and register form. Once you’re logged in you’ll be able to check your account status right from the user button at the top of the screen. There you’ll have your user details, topics you’re participating in, favorites and subscribed topics from the forums, and what we conceived as a great new feature: you’ll be able to register your purchased items from Themeforest right here. (Stay tuned for our next post to know why this is awesome!)

2. Free stock photos collection

We know that as web designers, developers, content managers or just personal sites builders, we need to have around as many tools as we can to keep our work good and growing. That’s why we decided to open a free stock photos collection for all of our users, that you can download for free and use as you want (yes, out of selling them, use wherever and for any kind of personal or commercial project).

What’s as good as always?

1. Themes

We keep upgrading our first WordPress Themes Nayma and Minuscula, with improvements and new features. Make sure you have always the latest versions.

2. Support

As always, our support team is here for you for inquiries, questions, advices. Feel free to join us and be a part of our community.

And coming soon…

We have more cool stuff prepared for you: new themes are coming up (including a free one) and a growing list of more resources for your WordPress projects.

Stay tuned for that!

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