What is this post’s Status?


It’s been a while since we don’t update you all on what’s going on here at Quadro Ideas, but don’t get it wrong: a lot is happening ’round here, specially updating our first born, Minuscula, and crafting our next soon-to-be-released theme.

But today we are not writing to tell you the news. We were just discussing the WordPress post formats concepts and applying full value icons to each format when we stumbled on the idea of how many different situations could be transmitted by using the Status post format. It goes without saying that this is true for most post formats in a blog but, if you think about it, the shortest the post, the strongest its meaning can get.

And that’s it, actually. We are still looking for the perfect icon which could wrap all those scenarios into one little full of meaning symbol. You’ll tell us in a couple of weeks what you think about it.

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