How to use the iconic Font Awesome with Nayma WordPress Theme

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On the past January 3rd we launched Nayma, a Premium WordPress Theme suitable for all kind of purposes: from corporate to personal portfolio/blog websites, with a neat bold looking style. And as we always do, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to make our products to be more than just Themes, and really cover our clients need to be online and communicate with their publics.

That is why Nayma is full of details taking care of your final product. Today we’ll learn about one of them and how to take it to the next level: the Font Awesome icon font.

Nayma comes packed with the iconic font Font Awesome, including a complete set of 369 icons. You can take a look at the collection here. They are amazing, right?

We’ve used them for beautiful details all over the theme, but that you already know. The good news are you can use them for your content too. So here are some tips and ideas on how to achieve that:

1. Inside your content

You can use the icons practically everywhere inside your content. Just pick your icon from the collection here, click on it and copy/paste the code to your site.

For example, the code to the Cloud icon will look like this:

And just as easy as that you can write something like: “All your files can be saved on your computer or in the

Another idea: you can build lists using these amazing icons.

Here’s the code for that:

  • Fully Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Extremely customisable
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Outstanding Support

2. Using icons on Menus

With the same logic you can place icons in the Menu items. For example, if you have a page called “Blog”, what about adding an icon next to the word? We picked for that this icon:

Just go to your Custom Menu in the WP Dashboard and paste the code inside the Navigation Label input next to the word.


Another idea: use an icon instead of a word. For example, place this icon on the Homepage link in the menu:


Last but not least, did we mention that as these are font icons they’re retina ready? So don’t worry about resizing them, they’ll look awesome on every device, no matter how large the resolution can get.

For even more ideas you can check out this page from the creators of Font Awesome:

Have any question or a tip for the rest of us? Please, leave your comment!

And come back to our blog for future posts about how to take the most of Nayma WordPress Theme.

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