It’s official: QuadroIdeas is now Artisan Themes


Jun. 24, 2016 / Well, now it’s official: QuadroIdeas, our small WordPress theme shop, is now Artisan Themes!

In short, all your licenses and support topics are now under a new roof. But there’s more.

There are many reasons for this move, and all of them can be summed up in that we thought we could serve you much better from this new place.

A place that better represents you and us.

See, our users community is formed by two different groups of people: the ones that are creating a website for themselves (or for a specific project they help run) and the ones that create websites for others.

Now, while that may sound like two totally different groups of people we’ve come to the realization they share a major point: they care for the work they do.

We see it in the way you speak on our support forums, we see it on the email communications we have, and in the links to the work you share with us. And we couldn’t be more happy with that because that’s precisely what we’re trying to do in our little space.

And we definitely want to give you more tools to fulfill your goals, whether it is a project for a client or your own. So that’s what this part of the journey is all about. On top of a couple of things we can’t tell yet (oops!) you’ll see a whole new Knowledge Base to help you out faster, more content published weekly and a new something we’re super excited with…

You know the feeling when you’re at home working on a web project and you hit a new milestone? How great is that? Perhaps you succeeded on a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious piece of code that took you 3 weeks, or perhaps you finally understood how menus work in the WordPress Dashboard.

Whatever the case, that’s the moment you want to have a buddy next to you to hi-five you. Someone you can share the triumph with!

And sometimes you just want a like-minded group of friends to ask for opinions when you’re stuck on a design for hours and would pay to get a pinch of inspiration.

The thing is, most of us work alone at home or at a coffeeshop and hi-five’ing the waiter for a CSS line you nailed will probably make you the center of attention (could be cool, though, haven’t tried it myself).

So we thought about a place for you to spend the day on, online. We knew you have lots of things to share. Lots of ideas you’re thinking of. And we mostly knew what an amazing group of folks we have around our themes. We’d be crazy not to let you know each other and share the days too.

Enter WP Artisans.

WP Artisans is our Slack community. Our office hours water-cooler. A group of folks who like to hang out online while working. To share the things that make us grow on our fields, whether it is freelancing, design, development, marketing, blogging, branding and whatnot.

Did I mention it is completely free for all our users with an active license? If you happen to have a license expiring in the next few months we’ll extend your Slack community entrance till the end of the year too, so you can enjoy it more time.

So, without further ado, go ahead. Check it out and join us there.


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