Managing Portfolio Transients

Transients are a way of storing cached data in the database temporarily. We use them across the theme to store the output of the modules for a page, and we use them to store the output of a single Portfolio item too.

What it does is storing whatever process your server will do to create the view of every portfolio item, on a small storage piece, and leave it there for a while till it gets automatically deleted, or till you update the post.

Now, since the theme will store all the data for that item as an already built page, some plugins that need to actually access the post information prior to process it (like most of the Page Builder plugins) won’t work properly.

If you see a plugin you’re using isn’t displaying the data properly on your Portfolio items, you can disable the Portfolio Transients option for your theme:

  1. Navigate to Theme Options » Portfolio.
  2. Locate the Enable Portfolio Transients Cache option on the bottom section of the page and set it to Disabled.