How to use the Portfolio Module [Step by step summary]

Here’s how to create portfolio items on your site and use the Portfolio module

1. Make sure your Portfolio plugin is installed and activated. You can check that out in the Plugins menu of your WP Dashboard.

2. Go on and create some portfolio items by going to Portfolio » Add new item

3. Inside that portfolio item, add all the content you want to be shown when someone clicks on the item thumbnail. It can be text, images, a video, a gallery of images, you decide.

4. Add a featured image by using the Featured Image box on the right side of the screen. That’s the image that will be shown as the “thumbnail” for the item on the Portfolio module you’ll use.

5. Pick a layout for this portfolio item on the Portfolio Item Settings. As you’ll see, there’re many layouts to pick from and all of them (except for the “As created and formatted” option -which brings it just as you entered it) will decide automatically how to show your content beautifully.

6. Publish your item and add some more.

7. Now, go on and create/add a portfolio module on one of your pages (if you haven’t created any modular pages yet, you can get training on that by watching -or attending- one of our Webinar sessions here).

8. Select the portfolio items you want to show, or leave it empty so that it brings all of them.

9. Select the layout you want for your whole portfolio module, and save it.