Installing required plugins

Once you install and activate your theme, you’ll be presented with a Getting Started page that includes a Plugins tab.

While most of these plugins are not required to make full use of the theme, they’re fully integrated into it and provide useful functionality you can take advantage of.

You don’t need to do it right now if you’re not sure about what plugins you might want to use. You can go later on to Appearance » Getting Started and install them from there.

Portfolio Type Plugin

Besides any other plugin you may want to use or may be using right now in your WordPress install, all our themes except for Binder PRO require one extra plugin to work as expected in full form, which is the Portfolio Type plugin. This plugin enables the portfolio item type and ensures you’ll keep your portfolio items even after you switch themes, if you ever come to do that.

Note: you absolutely don’t need this plugin if you don’t plan on using the portfolio functionality that comes with the theme. If that’s your case, you can dismiss that notice and go on with your work without it.