General Video Guidelines

General video content

In most cases, our recommendation is to upload the videos you want to use to YouTube or Vimeo (or any similar video hosting service) and embed the videos into your site instead of uploading them directly to your site. That way you save on bandwidth from your server and improve the loading times.

Slogan module video background

This case is the only one when the video must be hosted on your site. The general guidelines for that video would be:

  • Use a very short video. The main idea is that the video will be a background, not the main content. And it’ll be looped. So, upload a video that only lasts a few seconds and that it looks good when it loops.
  • Also, the shortest the video the smallest file size. This will help the video to load faster.
  • Try uploading all the file formats listed in the module settings, so you assure more browser and device compatibility. If your video has a specific format, you can google for an online video converter and create all the other formats online.
  • Use a video with landscape dimensions, with at least a 1440px width.
  • Make a screenshot of some part of your video and use it as the video poster/fallback image. If something happens and the video doesn’t load, the module will load the background image instead. So don’t forget to upload an image background for the module as well as the different video formats.