I tried importing an Artisan Site but it’s been stuck for a while

If you tried importing an Artisan Site from Theme Options » Tools and the process is stuck while importing it (generally on the “Processing Images” step), then keep reading.

Importing an Artisan Site can take more or less time depending on your server’s performance, but it should never take more than a couple minutes.

On most cases, when the importing process gets stuck like that, it happens due to a very low set max_execution_time option on your server’s PHP settings.

To import an Artisan Site package, lots of images need to be imported and processed, an operation that happens at the server’s level. If your server’s maximum execution time is set too low, your server understands that this operation has been running for a while and stops it, stopping the process at the same time.

If your importer got stuck like this, contact your hosting’s support team and ask them to raise the max_execution_time setting in PHP to something like 380 and then try importing again.

To help your hosting’s support team, you can tell them that you will let them know once you’re done with this, so that they can take this back to its original setting.

If you did all this and still can get the Artisan Site imported, please open a topic in our support forums here and we’ll be happy to help with it.