Upgrading to Font Awesome 5

On the latest release of your theme we’ve updated Font Awesome, the amazing icon font that comes with your theme, to a newer and upgraded version.

You will now find much more icons available, and they look sharper than ever. Also, we’ve improved the way you can search for icons when you have to look for one, and you can now search for categories of icons too.

Now, for most of the icons your site might be using, there’s nothing for you to do. The system takes care of maintaining the old icons you had so that everything keeps looking amazing.

But some of the icons (mostly the branded ones, like the Facebook icon, or the Instagram icon) can’t be automatically converted to the new syntax. That’s why we’ve added a little script to the theme that will make sure those get converted as well.

If you don’t want to mess with that, you can leave that little script on forever and it’ll be alright. But, since we’re all about optimizing everything, you might want to manually update those modules that are using one of those sketchy icons.

The way to do that is by simple editing those modules and re-selecting the same icons. Once you pick your icons again, the correct version of each will be saved, and you can go to Theme Options » Design and disable the Font Awesome Upgrade script.

(Also, a good way of knowing if your icons are all OK, is by going to Theme Options » Design and disabling the Font Awesome Upgrade script, to see if you have one of those picky, un-convertible icons).

And again, if you don’t want to mess with that, then you can leave it as it is now. It’ll work perfectly fine.

More doubts? We’re here for you.

Note: If you were using Elegant Icons on your site instead of Font Awesome icons (on Indigo theme), then there’s nothing else for you to do. That icon font has not been updated.