Page Builder content loses format

If you find yourself publishing Page Builder content that loses format after you reload the page this article might be the solution you were looking for.

You create content with the Page Builder plugin inside a module. When you navigate to your recently published page (with the new content inside) the content looks perfectly fine. But if you refresh the page or access it again the content looks awfully unstructured and broken.

How to fix that?

Go to Appearance » Theme Options » General tab, look for the “Transients Cache Enable” option and see if it’s enabled. If it is, change it to “disabled” and see if your content appears fine with the option off.

Why is that?

The Transients Cache we implemented on our themes saves a static image of your content to avoid the process each page load takes on your server. On most occasions the page will load faster. But, if you are using a plugin that needs to know what is getting processed on your pages (like Page Builder) the plugin might not know what it needs to load in order to properly display the content.

The first time you save it, the Transients Cache gets cleaned up and you see the page without the cache. After that, though you see it as a static version and the plugin doesn’t load the scripts.

If this fixed your content but you’re worried about leaving the Transients Cache off, don’t. You can leave your site in order even if not using it. There are many great cache plugins you can use instead (and with it too).