Unexpected t_function PHP notice

If you happen to find yourself in front of some PHP error, this article might be useful for you.

If you installed your theme and you’re getting something like this “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in…” there are big chances it’s an error thrown by your host’s PHP version being below 5.5.

The theme needs at least PHP 5.5 to work properly, with it being almost unsupported by the PHP community (prior versions to that one haven’t been supported for a while now). Asking your host to be upgraded to -at least- 5.5 should be a matter of minutes and any host should have no problem doing that.

Many times a simple setting through cPanel will do. And in any case, they can give you a quick answer on that.

* Come the case they won’t agree (we cannot imagine a reason for that, but anyways) let us know through your theme’s support forum. Sometimes there’s a way to override the function that is throwing the error.