Where are my Slides and Services now?

With the release of Nayma 2.5.1 we’ve implemented a repeatable fields system for both the Services and Slider modules that equals the one used across our other themes and on Nayma itself for the Testimonials or the Team module.

That means that you can now create every slide or service inside the module itself, instead of having to create your services on a different page and only then add them to the module.

You might wonder what happens with the slides and services you had already created. Short answer: when you update to this theme version (or a newer one) the theme will automatically convert those slides and services to the new system for you.

You don’t need to do anything else for this to work. And you should see a little notice that this happened.

If you want to be sure this worked, just access one of your Slider or Services module and you will find your old content imported into those modules.

In case you need to manually re-do this process you will find a tool for that at Tools » Nayma Legacy Slides & Services.