Blog module

The Blog module lists your posts.

Depending on the theme you’re using you’ll have different Blog styles to choose from: the Masonry style, which brings a neat grid with all your posts, in a very visual way; the Classic style which brings your posts in full more classically; the Teasers style, which brings the post in a short version in a more magazine-like fashion; and the Headlines style, which will bring a neat big image with the post’s title.

Posts Selection: Different posts selection methods are available for this module.

  • All Posts: brings all the posts.
  • By Categories: will open a new selection box for specific posts categories to show
  • By Post Format: will open a new selection box for specific post formats to show
  • Custom Selection: will display a whole list of all published posts to choose from manually
  • Posts Offset: will pass over the specified amount of posts in the selection (won’t work for Custom Selection).
  • Exclude Posts: will exclude the specified posts from selection (use by entering IDs separated by a comma).

More options include how many posts to show, animation method, columns, etc.

Please note: the modules availability and their specific settings depend on each theme, not all themes include the same modules with the same settings.