What’s a module?

Artisan themes are conceived in a modular way. You can create, customize and combine the built in modules to easily create your perfect site.

Artisan themes include a super duper functionality that lets you build any page with the use of solid blocks of content we call “Modules”. They can be included and arranged in any order when using a Modular Page template.

We’ve made a list of popular sections in today’s websites and custom coded them for you so you can build complex layouts, without a single line of code and breezingly fast. Choose and combine between 20+* module types and bring life to every section on your site.

With many different module types the amount of different things you can build is huge. You can even create your modules and think later on where you are going to use them, or even use one of them in multiple places across your site.


* Not all themes include 20+ module types.