Featured Post module

The Featured Post module brings a selected post and displays it in a fancy and stylish way. Whether it is a regular post, a video one, a gallery or of any other format, pick your preferred style and the theme will do its magic with it.

Selection methods apply as follows:

  • Custom Selection: will display a whole list of all published posts to choose from manually
  • Last Post: brings the last one, from between all the posts.
  • Last Post By Categories: will open a new selection box for specific posts categories to show
  • Last Post By Post Format: will open a new selection box for specific post formats to show
  • Posts Offset: will pass over the specified amount of posts in the selection (won’t work for Custom Selection).
  • Exclude Posts: will exclude the specified posts from selection (use by entering IDs separated by a comma).

Post date and categories are available to show, and can be turned of in case of necessity.

Please note: the modules availability and their specific settings depend on each theme, not all themes include the same modules with the same settings.