Tiled Display module

The Tiled Display module is a magazine styled collection of posts which you can present in five different layouts and with two margins settings.

This module works great when combined with other posts collection modules to create a magazine homepage, or a pseudo magazine category page.

Posts Selection works as follows:

  • All Posts: brings all the posts.
  • By Categories: will open a new selection box for specific posts categories to show
  • By Post Format: will open a new selection box for specific post formats to show
  • Custom Selection: will display a whole list of all published posts to choose from manually
  • Posts Offset: will pass over the specified amount of posts in the selection (won’t work for Custom Selection).
  • Exclude Posts: will exclude the specified posts from selection (use by entering IDs separated by a comma).

Note: To use layouts 1 or 3 large thumbnail size must be set on WordPress defaults of 1024 by 1024 pixels.

Please note: the modules availability and their specific settings depend on each theme, not all themes include the same modules with the same settings.